Happy Memorial Day from Ambient Technologies and Subsidiaries

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Ambient Technologies & Subsidiaries would like to say Thank You to all our Clients, Friends, Colleagues and War Heroes and Veterans, that we may all continue to improve our ability to Innovate, Collaborate and Improve each other's Lives in this Great Free Country. 

Thank You for Your Time, Your Friendship and Your Business 

From the Ambient Technologies & Subsidiaries Team

Thank you for visiting Ambient Technologies and GeoView at the 2019 GMEC Conference

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Thank you for Visiting our Exhibitor Booth

and Congratulations on a Great Conference with inordinate camaraderie and sharing of ideas that produced results


Ambient Technologies, Inc. (ATI) and subsidiaries are certified as MBE-DBE-SBE-SDB. Our Subsidiaries include ATI Companies LLC, GeoView, Inc., ATI Energia LLC and ATI Panamericana, S.A. International Affiliate.


Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling, Sampling & Coring,

Installation of Geotechnical Instrumentation: Piezometers, Dilatometers, Inclinometers,

Geophysical Surveys for Geotechnical and Environmental Site Characterization, Shallow Marine Geophysical Studies, 

Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete and Foundation/Structural Evaluations,

Borehole Logging,

Utility Location, Designation and Mapping,

Mobile Solar Energy Systems


Congratulations and thank you for all your support to:

Matthew Sloan, P.E., Chairman

Jose N. Gomez, PE, MSc, D.GE, F.ASCE, Vice-Chair

William “Bill” Fox, PE, Secretary


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