Introducing ATI Geologica's New dedicated CPT/DMT Rig, Bringing a New Level of Professionalism and Capability to Cone Penetration Testing

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ATI Geologica completed four Cone Penetration Tests to delineate soil stratigraphy and determine engineering parameters for a proposed Pinellas County Police Training Site using our New Track Mounted

TMG CPT-223 rig.

Below are the photos taken at various stages of the testing process, from setting-up the anchors, activating the data gathering electronic piezocone manufactured by VERTEK and pushing the CPT Cone at a rate of approximately 2 cm/s. At this project site ATI Geologica was evaluating conditions to depths of 25 to 30 ft.

 Our TMG CPT-223 features unique folding anchoring mast systems, allowing increased maneuverability in tight spots. The rig features dedicated anchoring drive heads, and a dual-hydraulic cylinder mast with a 20-ton pushing capacity. Folding anchors allow the rig to maneuver through 3.5 ft gaps.

Mr. Peter Christensen manages and directs all field operations and report preparation. Mr. Christensen has a Masters Degree in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology with over 12 years of experience in Geotechnical Testing and Data Evaluation.

Link to the Video with the CPT Testing Process:


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