Ambient Technologies, Inc. Environmental Drilling & Sampling at a Superfund Site - Orange County, FL

Ambient Technologies Drilling Team completed DPT Drilling, Soil & Water Sampling and Monitoring Wells installations, at a Superfund Site in Orange County, Florida, which included 25 Soil Borings to approximately 60-ft below land surface and sampling every 5-ft and the installation of 10 – 1.5-inch Monitoring Wells to 38-ft below land surface, via Direct Push Technology (DPT) methods.

Drilling Services – Environmental & Geotechnical


ATI provides support services to other consultants and contractors who need a reputable drilling form as part of their team. ATI’s drilling services niche is as a support (i.e., subcontractor) to consultants, engineers, architects, and contractors in the environmental, assessment, and remediation projects.

  • Conventional Drilling
  • Direct-Push Technology
  • Additional Capabilities
Auger and Mud Rotary
  • Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Soil Borings, Split-Spoon Test Borings, and Piezometers
  • Air Sparge and Recovery Wells for Remediation Systems
  • Injection Wells for Environmental Remediation
  • Well Abandonment
  • Nested Well Installation
  • Methane Recovery Wells
  • Soil and Ground Water Sampling
  • Micro- and Macro-Wells
  • Air Sparge and Recovery Wells
  • Inclined Probing
  • In-Situ Testing
  • Injection Wells (ORC/HRC Compounds)
Offered through Partnering/Joint Ventures
  • Truck-, ATV-, and Barge-Mounted Drill Rigs
  • Conventional Air and Reverse Circulation Air Rotary Drilling
  • Sonic Drilling
  • Core Drilling
  • Dual Rotary (Barber Drill) Drilling
  • ROST Technology


ATI’s professional, licensed drillers have over 25 years-experience in the drilling industry that includes geotechnical drilling for engineering and geological studies, well drilling for domestic, agricultural, and municipal uses, and drilling for dewatering and geotechnical systems. ATI provides the following geotechnical drilling services:

  • Geotechnical Drilling, Foundation Design and Sinkhole Investigations
  • Rock Coring, Engineering, Natural Resources, and Quarry Site Studies
  • Marsh Drilling
  • Barge Drilling
  • Auger Borings and Piezometer Installation
  • Packer Testing


  • Geotechnical Drilling for Site Assessment, Foundation Design and Sinkhole Investigation
  • Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling, Coring and Soil & Water Sampling
  • Environmental Drilling - Direct Push Technology (DPT), Conventional Auger & Mud Rotary
  • Installation, Abandonment and Relocation of Groundwater Monitoring Wells, Injection Wells for Remediation and Well Points for Dewatering
  • Installation of Geotechnical and Environmental Instrumentation: Piezometers & Inclinometers, Dilatometers