Happy Labor Day from Ambient Technologies and Subsidiaries

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Thank You to our Friends, Clients, Colleagues, Nurses, Doctors, all Support Workers and our Field Personnel who have kept us working safe and healthy during these difficult and dangerous times. Let us all continue to Collaborate and Improve each other's Lives in this Great Free Country during these challenging times. 

Stay safe and healthy. Be kind.

Thank You for Your Time, Your Friendship, Your Trust and Your Business

From the ATI Companies Team

Michael Wightman, PG, President of GeoView, Inc. – Speech about Utilities Designation at FGWA

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This is an excellent Speech by Michael J. Wightman, PG, President of GeoView, Inc., a wholly owned Subsidiary of Ambient Technologies, Inc., about Utilities Designation at the Florida Ground Water Association (FGWA) Annual Convention, during the GEOPROBE Demo session, emphasizing the need for the use of correct technologies and communication concerning the specific needs and issues of the project site and the follow-up interaction with the Project Site Manager.

YouTube Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi583uQ7H-I


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